Surveys & Valuations

Should I have a survey done?

You are about to make one of the most important financial decisions of your life. By obtaining a survey you can ensure you are in the know about your property and there are no nasty surprises after you move in.

A survey might appear as additional, unnecessary cost, but it is better to be aware of any matters that might need attention now, rather than discover problems that are time consuming and expensive to resolve, after you move in. It will also give you comfort that the price agreed represents market value.

I am arranging a mortgage – does my lender do a survey?

No. All the lender needs is a VALUATION of the property, so they are comfortable that there is sufficient value in the property, to cover the proposed loan.

Although you may be paying for it, this valuation is carried out for the benefit of the lender only.

It is not a detailed inspection, and it will not necessarily alert you to faults or potential issues with the condition of the property.

What types of survey are available?


This is often recommended for someone buying a property of conventional construction, in reasonable condition, and less than 100 years old. It contains much more detail than a valuation, but most importantly, it is carried out for your benefit, rather than the lender’s.

It is not a detailed, structural survey, but it will:

Give an overview of the market value, particular features and general condition of the property

Identify matters of concern that may impact the value of the property or require urgent attention

Identify matters and recommend areas that may need further clarification and investigation by your legal advisor

Advise on safety and immediate / impending maintenance matters.


This is a much more detailed assessment of the property than the Homebuyer’s Report and is often recommended for much older properties, or those of unconventional construction or features (such as a thatched roof). The surveyor will seek to look at all parts that are easily accessible or visible, in order to assess the structure and condition of the property.

You should be warned that this type of report can be very detailed, and will aim to identify every possible defect. The contents of the report should therefore be discussed with your surveyor, and considered in the context of its age and market value.                     No property is perfect, and the price agreed may well already reflect its condition

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